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Information on Horses / XI FIP World Polo Championship 2017

6 Jun 2017

Information on Horses / XI FIP World Polo Championship 2017

The Sydney Polo Club and World Polo Championship (WPC) team are well on track to deliver an incredible event. WPC are working closely with the Federation of International Polo (FIP) to prepare the tournament and during FIP CEO Alex Taylor’s recent visit to Sydney considerable time was spent on focusing on the technical elements of the event.

For those of you who are kindly providing horses, whether it is an individual horse or a whole string, the FIP and WPC have many initiatives to ensure that horses receive the very best care. These include:

  • FIP rules stipulate that chukkas are divided appropriately in half by the umpire, and no horse will be allowed to play in more than two half chukkas in a game (unless an overtime chukka is required) i.e. No horse plays more than four minutes at a time and will play only 1 x chukka in total a game (unless overtime is needed).
  • Horses who make it to the final will play four competitive games with all other horses playing three competitive games. Additionally, horses will be trialled in 1 x riding session prior to playing a practice game & will be involved in 1 x stick and ball session on the final Friday of the tournament.  
  • The final of the WPC will be played over six chukkas with all other matches played over five chukkas.
  • A highly-regarded team of horse stewards who have been selected by the WPC Horse Directors; Anto White, Pat MacGinley and Jim Gilmore will manage & oversee the horses.
  • Once graded, horses will be placed in 1 of 8 pools. Horse stewards who have been familiar with the pool of horses from the time of grading will manage each pool, overseen by the Horse Directors.
  • The intention is that horses will be graded and pooled geographically.  Once in Sydney the pools will be allocated a location based on keeping horses from certain areas near to one another. This will allow for grooms to stay with their horses where possible.
  • Confirmed locations for horse pools are: Sydney Polo Club x 3 pool w / a 4th pool at Peter Higgin’s home. Arunga Polo Club, Windsor Polo Club, Peter Huston’s Troika property & J P Prendiville’s The Pines.
  • WPC have partnered with the University of Sydney Veterinary Hospital (USVH). USVH have worked with Sydney Polo Club since 2013 & have a solid understanding of polo and the intricacies of working with the sport regarding veterinary practices.
  • 24/7 vet care will be provided for the duration of the WPC with each pool having a team of veterinary assistants to support the vets; providing daily checks and additional support pre, during and after games.
  • The APF will act as the Welfare Officers for the event.
  • Mortality cover up to a value of $15k AUD will be offered for all horses taking part with some veterinary cover also being provided.
  • The Horsetrack’s biosecurity transport logging app (currently being used in QLD) is being adapted and improved to allow easier recording of horse’s geographical movements going forward. The intention is for all horses involved in the WPC to be enrolled into this program.

Procurement Package

As previously detailed, WPC is offering the following to all horse lenders:

  • $200 per horse to the owner’s Club;
  • Horse upkeep including all accommodation & feed for the duration of the event;
  • Insurance;
  • Running repairs re. shoeing (horses will be expected to be fully shod on arrival);
  • Contribution to groom’s wage ($100 payable to owner direct) & accommodation (already secured at the Athlete’s Village), transport via a shuttle service running btw Athlete’s Village & venues, three meals a day & uniform;
  • Cataloguing and identification of the horses to include horse lists in the event program, big screen coverage & commentary w/ information on the horse, breeding, & owner given during games;
  • Owners benefits include: free event entry, invites to WPC events, and exclusive ticket offers;
  • Preferred hotel rates within the local area (accommodation for 70+ owners is provisionally held at the Athlete’s Village. To find out more about accommodation, please contact  

The initial grading process for horses will begin in August, starting in Queensland first. At this time horses will be officially identified and WPC biosecurity measures will be implemented.

Shortly we will be sending out horse registration forms for owners to complete, which will be followed up by:

i)    A lease agreement between the owner and WPC;
ii)    Insurance paperwork for signatures;
iii)    Further details on logistics and ticketing.

Thank you so much for supporting the XI FIP World Polo Championship Sydney 2017. Without the generosity of each and every one of you, this event would not happen. Anto (02 6546 1121) and Pat (0407 127 473) would love to hear from anyone with any specific questions vis-à-vis suitability of horses for the event and if anyone has any further horses to put forward.

Any general queries you might have please contact Peter Higgins (0417 455 435) or the Tournament Director Fiona Turney on 0477 775 592 or



Australian Polo Federation Ltd
PO Box 150, Windsor, NSW 2756
T. 0459 272 277
F. 02 4311 2660

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