Online Course Mandatory for all players effective 2023


The NSWPA Board met last week and it was agreed that in order to lift the quality of umpiring as well as educate players on the rules of the game, it will be mandatory for all players in 2023 to pass the online umpiring test.  This is not simply for umpires, it is for all players in NSW to familarise themselves with the rules of the game and improve the quality of play. 

You can take this test any time before the season starts next year however if you register in 2023 and want to take the field, you will need to have passed.  A list of all players who have passed, will be kept in the office.

We are the first state to roll out this program but QLD and Victoria are also looking to roll it out to their players as well.

Please see a note from Anto White, Head of Umpiring APF

'I congratulate the NSWPA Board on making the umpire test mandatory for all NSW players,effective when registering in 2023.
Having a greater understanding of the rules makes the game safer and you a better player.
This test is not easy.
I suggest you read the rule book and go online now and do the test.
Don’t leave it until it is too late.
If anyone has any problems I’m only too happy to help.'

(02)65461156 ,0428279212

Do the test NOW.

Good luck,

Anto White
Head of Umpiring 
Australian Polo Federation



You will need to access the program with the email address that you have used as your NSWPA registration.
To access the platform, please use the following steps:

1. Visit
2. At the bottom of the log-in window, press "Sign Up"
3. Fill out the form with your e-mail to register. This must the be the email address you registered with at NSWPA.
You will be sent an e-mail to authenticate your account. Please click the activation link to verify your e-mail and you will be redirected to the e-learning platform. If you cannot see the verification email please check in your junk/spam folder.

If you have trouble logging in or do not have access to any content on the site, please contact us at

From there you will be able to register for the umpire training online courses and view the interactive learning material. 
For any more information on this initiative or how it will work please feel free to reach out to a member of the Australian Professional Umpires (APU) committee. 
APU Committee members: Dirk Gould, Glen Gilmore, Ruki Baillieu, Sam Hopkinson, Damien Johnson.
Please take the time to login and register for the initial webinar, the more people that can get involved the sooner we will see much needed improvements in our game.



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