NSW Polo Association

As part of NSWPA's commitment to improve the quality of NSW players and increase participation in this great sport, the NSWPA has created the position of a NSW State Professional.

The coaches will, from time to time, run free coaching clinics throughout NSW polo clubs for registered players.

They are also available to the general NSW polo population for individual and group coaching at the expense of individuals on a fee for service basis.

Senior Coach/Professional: Andrew Williams

Appointed as NSWPA Senior Coach, Andrew has a wealth of experience having played right around the world, twice been part of the Australian World Cup team and recently captaining it.

Andrew has held numerous clinics both for the NSW Polo Association and under his own banner - Willo Polo. He is based at Muddy Flatts Polo Club on the outskirts of Richmond, NSW.

Andrew regularly holds private and group lessons, clinics and practice chukkas.
Contact Andrew: mobile 0438 550 031, email

Coach/Professional: Luke O'Leary

Luke is based at Riverlands Polo Club on the outskirts of Richmond.

Contact Luke: mobile 02 8188 0199,;