Current Financial Members

NSW Polo Association

List of Financial Players: Please click on the link below to download a list of player who are financial/registered with NSW Polo Association in current year. Please note this list is current to the date on the filename.

Please note this list is manually downloaded every week-fortnight.  If you need to find out the Financial Status a specific player, please email or send a text to 0409 764 607.

FOR Club Officer Bearers with access to the PLAYER DATABASE USER GUIDE
How to Login
: Go to: or Login to Player Database from NSW Polo Home Page, using Username & Password. Contact Shauna for club username & password.

How to download a list of your Club’s members: Click Members (at top), then Export (on side), select All Members, select Member Status and Financial Status you want (usually All). Click Next, then Export. The default opens a list in Excel.

How to see which members have paid/joined: Click on Subscriptions (top menu bar), Click on Transactions (side menu list), Click on Settlements & a list, week by week will appear. Click on 'Name Polo Club' for each date - this will open up a PDF report of who joined up that week.

How to see which members are financial, regardless of Club joined: Click Members (at top), then Network Search (on side), search by punching in last name. This will tell you if a member is financial & which club, though not what type of membership.
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