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12 JAN 2015
1.         Affiliating your Club with the NSWPA & Insurance contribution
1.1 NSWPA Insurance & Affiliation Pack sent in November each year for the following Calendar year.
1.2 Pay:
• NSWPA Affiliation Fee (currently $1000) AND
• Insurance contribution (currently $1000 approx )
Any club fees not received by 1st January will not appear in the NSWPA Season Guide or website.
2.         Subscriptions on Player Database
All players should register using the online Player Database. Please advise me of any changes to the Subscriptions your club charges by 1st December each year, for the following year. The subscription year runs from 1st Jan – 31st Dec.
Current subscription categories including APF, NSWPA & Insurance Fees (exc Club Fees) are:
  • Full senior member $375
  • Full junior member, below the age of 19 years at the 1st Jan $165
  • One month member, valid for 1 month from date of registration $245
  • Club Chukkas only Membership (Senior), no handicap/no tournaments $120
  • Club Chukkas only Membership (Junior), no handicap/no tournaments $75
  • Coaching Clinic participant (1-7 days) insurance contribution $33
Ensure NSWPA have your up-to-date bank account details, so monies may be paid direct to your Club’s account.
3.         Players Registration with your Club / NSWPA / APF
Go to, click on Players Login to Register online. Payment is automatically apportioned to your Club, the NSWPA and APF. NSWPA & APF make separate insurance payments to the amount collected.
It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has registered on the Player Database BEFORE participating in any polo activity. Non compliance attracts the following penalties:
  • 1st offence: suspended from play the following weekend (or the weekend following detection)
  • 2nd offence: suspended from play for the next month after the infringement occurred/was detected
  • 3rd offence: suspended from play for the next month after the infringement occurred/was detected plus a $500 fine.
4          Club’s User Guide for the Player Database
How to Login: Go to: & click on Clubs Login, login using Username & Password. Contact Suzie for club username & password.
How to download a list of your Club’s members: Click Members (at top), then Export (on side), select All Members, select Member Status and Financial Status you want (usually All). Click Next, then Export. The default opens a list in Excel. 
How to see which members have paid/joined: Click on Subscriptions (top menu bar), Click on Transactions (side menu list), Click on Settlements & a list, week by week will appear.  Click on 'Name Polo Club' for each date - this will open up a PDF report of who joined up that week.
How to see which members are financial, regardless of Club joined: Click Members (at top), then Network Search (on side), search by punching in last name.  This will tell you if a member is financial & which club, though not what type of membership.
For further User Information, please contact Suzie Ruse, 0409 764 607.
5.         Pre/Post Tournament Procedure
When your Club holds a NSWPA sanctioned tournament please provide the following information. The Draw & Results are vital for the Handicap Committee.
5.1        Send tournament details to NSWPA office, as early as possible, for inclusion on newsletters and website, eg location, times, entry fees, facilities, accommodation details, the more the better. Players & spectators like to plan ahead.
5.2        Send teams & draw to NSWPA office at least 24 hours before the tournament begins. Where possible, Secretary will check all players are registered. It was agreed at the 10th December 2010 Board Meeting that if a club knowingly allows an unregistered player to take to the field for organised practices or a tournament, the club will receive a written warning. If a second incident occurs, there will be a $1000 fine imposed on that club.
5.3        Complete the Event Checklist prior to the event and send it to NSW Polo Association office.  It is OK to answer No to a question and better to answer No than not answer at all.

5.4 Complete any Incident Report Form if necessary during or after the Tournament.

5.5  Send in Results: please send to NSWPA office within 5 days of the tournament.
Clubs are responsible for ensuring all players competing in a tournament are NSWPA members.
6.         Tournament Eligibility Criteria
6.1        The Club must have access to a suitable field and the specific field on which the event will be held should be notified to NSWPA at least 2 weeks in advance.
6.2        The Club is responsible for appointing a tournament committee and ensuring compliance with all relevant APF policies. The APF policies are available at
NB for info, policies include:
APF Board Charter (similar to NSWPA)
APF Board & Committee Code of Conduct (similar to NSWPA)
APF Discipline policy
APF Anti-doping policy
APF Risk Management policy (includes events & activity guide)
APF Member protection policy
APF Handicap policy

7.         Annual Process for Tournament Date Setting & Calendar Development
7.1        The NSWPA appoints a Calendar Committee consisting of Directors responsible for co-ordination of the calendar for each of the 3 zones; North, South and Hawkesbury
7.2        In or around October of each year Clubs should write to the NSWPA requesting the tournaments they wish to hold for the subsequent year including details of the level of the tournament.
7.3        The Calendar committee (which consists of the 3 Directors responsible for each Zone) should draft a Calendar for the subsequent year taking into account the goals of the NSWPA, the clubs requests, the needs of players and ensuring optimal access to the sport at all levels and in all regions. Consideration of interstate calendars should be given where possible.
7.4        2 weeks prior to the AGM a draft calendar for each Zone should be circulated to all Clubs for comment. Comments should be provided in writing to the relevant Director for each zone 1 week prior to the AGM
7.5        At the AGM a final draft of the calendar should be presented for approval by the members, and endorsement by the Board.
7.6        In the event that a tournament cannot be held as planned
The club representative should notify the NSWPA as soon as possible. The Calendar Committee will endeavour to announce the available weekend and where possible re-allocate to an interested club. Any changes or additions to the calendar as printed must be approved by the Calendar Committee and Board, with due consideration of grades and conditions.
Any queries on the above contact:
Suzie Ruse, NSW Polo Association
Phone: 0409 764 607