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Incident Reporting: Form & Guidelines

2 FEB 2013


Please find attached at the top:
1. Incident Report Form
2. Polo Accident & incident investigation Form

Incident report forms are to be completed to notify the Club, State Association and The Australian Polo Federation that an incident or event has occurred. The completion of a report form does not mean that the event or incident will be elevated to a discipline hearing (although this may happen in some circumstances) wherever possible it is preferable that Clubs deal with the incident or event. The forwarding of a copy report to the State Association and APF ensures the recording of incidents that may occur in different clubs or states but involve the same individuals, circumstances or issues.

The following is a guide as to what sort of incidents and events should be reported:
„h Mandatory Reporting by Umpires – Rules of Polo Rule 6c. It is mandatory for the umpires to fill in a Report Form for the
following so that there is a record in case of repetition at another club:
- If a player is sent off under Penalty 10a or b (Rule 40j(i) and (ii)),
- For excessive misuse of the stick or dangerous riding (Rule 35 and Rule 36).
- If a pony is seen to be blind in one eye or showing vice or not under proper control or has had any form of tracheotomy (Rule
4f (iii), (iv), and (v)).
- If a player’s spurs or whip are not in accordance with the rules (Rule 3b and d).
- Team not trying (Rule 1n).

„h Misconduct means and includes any conduct which is prejudicial to the interests and good order the game of polo or of the APF,
and includes breaches of the Australian Rules of Polo or other APF rules or policies. Types of misconduct include (but not limited
- Assault of another player or an official in any physical way
- Abuse of another player or an official, verbally or by any gesture
- Dangerous and deliberate play to a player or pony
- Deliberate striking of own horse or the horse of another player
- Physical response to physical aggression
- Abuse or disrespect of the public
- Any action of danger to the public with no good reason
- Unnecessary delay
- Leaving the field without permission of the umpires
- Playing in a tournament off an incorrect handicap
- Playing at any affiliated club without having joined a State Association
- More minor misconduct such as: Failure to perform duties, attend presentation of prizes, dress to proper standards, or be on
the field at listed game start time

„h Horse Welfare – serious incidents concerning horse welfare should be reported, these include but are not restricted to:
- See mandatory reporting above
- If a horse is stopped from playing due to its poor condition (APF Risk Management Policy Article
- Any complaint received regarding a horse welfare issue (APF Risk Management Policy Article 2.1.4)
- If a horse is instructed to leave the field by the umpires
- Veterinary treatment of a horse on grounds (on field or on sidelines)
- Bleeding horse
- Death of a horse

„h Player Welfare – serious incidents concerning player injuries should be reported, these include but are not restricted to:
- Player injured and unable to continue play
- Injury of a player requiring ambulance or hospital treatment
- Death of a player

Following serious incidents/accidents, the Incidents/Accidents Investigation Form should also be completed (see APF Risk Management Policy page 47-49).