About the NSW Polo Association

NSW Polo Association

There are over 20 polo clubs throughout New South Wales. These clubs organise and hold tournaments and events throughout the year.

Polo is played in 2 seasons in NSW:
  • Autumn, from March through to end of May and
  • Spring, from August to November. 
Clubs welcome spectators at their tournaments and many are free to attend. To find tournaments in your area, please view our "News" page and the "Calendar" section which is kept up-to-date and lists tournaments and events for the year.

You can become a member of the NSW polo community as either a:
  • Playing Member, click here for more info or
  • Social Member, click here for more info
The NSW Polo Association is responsible for administering polo throughout NSW; promoting the game of polo; arranging a calendar of tournaments and matches; assisting in player development and taking any necessary disciplinary action. It is administered by a Board of Directors who are voted on by club delegates at each Annual General Meeting.