First Time Watching Polo

This small amount of polo knowledge will make your day at the polo more enjoyable:

The Teams

Each team has 4 members each with a distinct position, as shown by the number on their shirt.
No 1 is essentially a goal striker.
No 2 also a forward but plays harder especially on defence.
No 3 is the pivotal player between offence and defence who tries to turn all plays to offence. He is usually the highest rated player on the team.
No 4 or back is the most defensive player whose primary responsibility is to protect the goal area.

The Game & Stomping the Divots
  • The game is divided into six chukkas with each lasting 7 minutes with a 3 minute interval in between, to allow the players to change horses.
  • Chukka comes from the Indian word for a circle or round.
  • The teams change ends whenever a goal is scored.
  • At half time, it is a long standing tradition that the spectators walk onto the field to "stomp the divots" made by the ponies hooves.
  • All players are rated from -2 to 10 (the higher the better).
  • The team handicap is the sum of its players handicaps.
  • Please stay behind barriers. Do not approach the field during a game. The field extends 10 metres beyond the red boards.
  • Do not approach the horses and do not pat them.
  • Please watch the game, a polo ball travels at 100km and can sometimes find its way into the spectators at speed
  • Please keep dogs on leads.

What to Wear to the Polo?

Weekend polo is not a formal occasion. A relaxed smart casual outfit is appropriate.  For International days and large carnival events, spectators generally dress up in a more formal manner, in line with attending the races.