2024 Red & Yellow Cards


In addition to any penalty awarded, a card may also be awarded to a player by the umpires. It may be awarded for the breach of any rule but will usually be awarded for dangerous play, unsportsmanlike conduct or persistent breach of the rules. The umpires must agree that a player should be awarded a card and, if not in agreement, consult with the referee whose decision shall be final, and obtain the acknowledgement of the player(s) awarded the card and their team captain(s).

  1. Sin Bin
    A player may be sin binned (sent off for 2 minutes of play) for a first offence but a player shall be sin binned if he incurs 2 yellow cards within one match. The player shall return to the pony lines or a location as designated by the host club (the sin bin) where he will remain for two minutes of playing time; this includes the time when the ball is out of play but not when the ball is dead and the clock stopped. The referee or time keeper will give a card during this period and as soon as it is lowered the player may re-join the game in an on-side position. This may run across two chukkas or into the next match of that tournament.
  2. Red Flag.
    1. A player may be awarded a red card at any stage, including for a first offence.
    2. A player awarded a red card shall be sent off for the rest of the match. After 2 minutes of playing time, the sent off player may be substituted. If the player has been awarded a red card for leaving the game before the final bell without the permission of the umpires, he may not be substituted.
    3. A player shall be awarded a red card if he has not obtained the permission of the umpires to leave a game before the final bell and in respect of conduct after the final chukka has ended the umpires may only award a red card.
    4. A player awarded a red card shall be automatically suspended for the next match of the tournament and the rules for a team change shall then apply. If awarded during or after the last match in the tournament, the suspension shall apply to another match or matches of equivalent standing as decided by the relevant State Association where the incident occurred.
  3. Report Forms
    A report with details of the incident shall be completed by the umpires and referee for a red card and a statement by the player shall be obtained by the club and submitted to the State Association and APF as soon as reasonably practicable. All reports of yellow cards are to be emailed to the APF and State Association with a short statement and the reason for the award of the yellow card.

Accumulation of Yellow Flags. If a player accumulates four yellow flags across games, the player will start the next four matches on a yellow flag or matches as decided by the relevant State Association where the incident occurred, if those matches are not due to be played. Any yellow flag awarded during those games shall result in:

  1. A sin bin, and a player may be sin binned several times within a chukka and/or game;
  2. A further two games of equivalent status starting on a yellow. The player concerned shall continue to start on a yellow until he has provided to the relevant State Association details of the games played (date and tournament) and confirmation that no further flags have been incurred, signed off by the host club.
  3. A record of flags will be recorded and only reset at the end of that year (being 1st Jan calendar year)

Awarding of Flags. 

  1. Umpires must have passed the base umpire test to be able to award flags. 
  2. Yellow flags will carry over across all levels and tournaments for that calendar year. For example:  If you have accumulated 4 yellow flags you will start games at ANY LEVEL on a yellow flag. 

NB Taken from the Australian Polo Federation Disciplinary Regulations 2018 and updated July 2023

Please see a current list of all Yellow and Red Card holders from Tournaments in 2024.
All penalties will be recorded here in future for clubs reference.

Andres Lapacette31
Aiden Nunn1
Adam Tolhurst1
Alec White21
Betty Samadi1
Colt Kahlbetzer1
Cody Grimes1
Dick Doolin1
David Marshall2
Dirk Gould21
Ed Hitchman1
Ferdinand Furch1
Gus Agurrie2
Hamish Dowling21
Henry Bell2

Jack Archibald1
Jack Berner1
Jake Daniels3
Juan Gris Zavaletta1
Juan Martin Zavaletta1
John Prendiville1
Lachie Gilmore3
Martin Podesta2
Matt Barnett1
Ric McCarthy1
Ray Bruce1
Rob Ballard1
Sam Hopkinson1
Toby Dowling 1
Tom Dalton-Morgan1