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Wrap up of Winten Cup - Week 2

It was a wild, woolly and windy Sunday at Windsor Polo Club. But that didn’t stop anyone from playing. Here we go…

 First up, the Subzero final this weekend was played over 2 days. Windsor Gold vs Killarney. It was a high scoring affair on Saturday at Muddy Flatts (Thank you Wal Ashton for the use of Muddy Flatts) with Windsor up 7 – 5.  Sunday started 7-7.5 after handicap adjustment to Killarney - Both teams were in it to win it. They battled it out it could’ve been anyone’s game. Windsor Gold ended up winning 9 8.5 with Jacqui Brinckmann scoring to get Windsor’s nose in front. Congratulations to Andrew Williams, Olivia McIntosh, Jacqui Brinckmann and Alec Buchert.

0 Goal Final. No comment… Just joking. With TRFD were left without their stalwart captain Steve Barnard, Tommy Martin filled in (Massive thank you Tommy!) but Jason Varker-Miles and Ferdinand Furch were just on fire today running in goals left, right and centre despite TRFD giving their all. Phoenix Polo defeated TRFD Polo 7-1. Sad face. Well done Adam Meally, Ferdinand Furch, Jason Varker-Miles and Matthew Barnett. Yes I was on the losing team…

The Winten Cup Subsidiary Final. The Pines vs. Pineapple Polo. This was always going to be a close game with both teams structured very similarly. Alex Zak opened the score from lineout with a cracking goal straight off the bat. After that they battled it out DJ – Tommy – DJ – Tommy with each team having their chances with both pro’s pushing and willing their team to dig deeper. But The Pines in true Pines fashion in the style they’ve been playing during this whole tournament kept grinding away for the win. Tommy Martin had a blinder of a last chukka to secure The Pines victory 4.5-3.

The Winten Cup Final. Arunga vs Kurri Burri. It was the running of the 18th Annual Winten Cup sponsored by Winten Property Group. This is what the Rothwell family’s legacy in polo is all about. Family playing with family. Two brothers in one team (James & Tom Parry-Okeden for Arunga) and a father and son in the other (David Marshall and Jackson Marshall for Kurri Burri). 

8 teams, 2 weeks and after over 100mm of rain this was it. The wind was howling and the ball was rolled in. Kurri Burri battled the conditions and managed to put 2 goals on the scoreboard in the first chukkas thanks to Earl Herbert and Adam Buchert keeping Arunga goalless in the first. Adam Tolhurst managed to get one back in the 2nd but the Green Machine got 2. It was some bloody fast 4 goal polo. The crowd was cheering, the car horns were honking for both sides. Jackson Marshall’s cut shot goal in the 3rd chukka on Sammy kept Kurri Burri forging ahead. Arunga rallied back in the last with 2 goals but it was too late. Kurri Burri won 5-3. Congratulations to David Marshall, Earl Herbert, Adam Buchert and Jackson Marshall. Jackson Marshall ended up winning champion pony on homebred Sammy. Thank you to Nourish EQ for the pony prize and Jo Fisher for judging. David Marshall ended up winning MVP of the tournament with the undefeated Kurri Burri team.

Thank you to everyone for doing their duties or finding their own replacement. We play the most amazing sport together. It takes a community to support each other to make it possible. It takes a village so they say...

Massive thank you to our major sponsor Winten Property Group for their continuing support with grass roots level polo for 18 years now. Shout out to Fletcher Thew a new talented commentator has been found in the Hawkesbury. Also, standby for our trusty photographer Freddy Dowling to upload her photos from this weekend.


We look forward to seeing everyone at Arunga Polo Club next weekend!



Due to the weather games have been changed around. The low goal will now be at Muddy Flatts. 

Please please please triple check playing times and duties as most people have been affected by changes. 

So sorry to do this to everyone on Friday but it needed to be done to make sure that everyone plays this weekend! 


Adam & Kim 



Wrap up of Winten Cup - Week One

Firstly, apologies for moving the game times around on Saturday we were juggling things around with the weather. Gotta love spring time in Richmond.

Anyway – We all got to play which was the main thing. All 8 Winten Cup teams kicked off their campaigns on Saturday in the sunshine.

Town & Country started their opening match with a win against Pineapple Polo 6-3. Kurri Burri were just way too strong winning their match again Windsor Cutcliffe 8-3. Riverlands took down Jemalong 5-1 and in the final Winten match of the day Arunga were amazing beating The Pines 8 -2.5.

Sunday – We woke up to the smell and sound of rain. Bugger not the start to Sunday anyone wanted. The Windsor Polo Club committee decided to push ahead and start the games at 9am which ended up being perfect.

The Subzero final was played in the rain but it definitely didn’t dampen Bellevue Polo who stuck to their game plan and kept JustHorsenAbout goalless in the first 3 chukkas while scoring 3 of their own goals including an amazing run and goal by Tenellie Murray while Paul Manka was deadly accurate in front of goals. Chris Matthews scored in the last chukka for JustHorsenAbout but it was too late to mount a comeback. Bellevue took out the Subzero final 3 – 1.5.

The rain cleared just in time for the 0 Goal final TRFD Polo vs Enviroganic “aka The Dowlings”. Steve Barnard captained TRFD Polo to victory doing all the damage in the 2nd & 3rd chukka scoring 4 Goals while Heather Torrey was tough taking out her players while also scoring 2 goals. TRFD defeated Envrioganic 6-2. Thank you Dowling Family for supporting this short season!

The Winten Cup matches followed the low goal games. The heavens opened up once again. So, If you like piña coladas and gettin' caught in the rain then you must’ve been watching Pineapple Polo vs Jemalong because Pineapple Polo ended up winning 6-3. Meanwhile at the same time The Pines kept grinding away defeating Windsor Cutcliffe 6.5 – 4. The last game of the day was shaping up to be a cracker. Arunga vs Kurri Burri. It was fast. It was furious and Kurri Burri were victorious winning 6-4.

The fields were fantastic even with all the rain we received. We are looking forward to seeing everyone out during the week for the Winten Cup and next weekend for the Winten Cup Finals, 0 Goal and Subzero. Unfortunately our trusty photographer F.G.Dowling Photography was unavailable this weekend but she’ll be out there next weekend to capture all the action.

 Windsor winners 1Windsor winners 2

The Winten Cup will be played at Windsor over the next two weekends.

To see the draw and program click here




Please note that the Clubhouse will be open all weekend for food and refreshments but payment is currently CASH ONLY - no eftpos.

There are welcome drinks on Friday night from 6pm at the Royal Richmond Hotel.

Anyone attending the polo must be double vaccinated.

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