Garangula Spring Trophy WInners

Garangula Spring Trophy Winners 2023

Congratulations to Ellerston Red who were the winners of this years Garangula Spring Trophy, Defeating Ellerston White, 9 goals to 6 

The Winning team consisted of 

  • Shane Finemore 
  • Jack Grimes 
  • Raul Laplacette 
  • Thomas Garbarini 

Best Playing Pony was Ytacua Campana, Owned by Shane Finemore and Played by Raul Laplacette

MVP was awarded to Raul Laplacette

The winners of the Subsidiary Final was Larapinta who defeated Garangula 8 goals to 7.5 

The team consisted of 

  • Michael Irvine
  • Jake Daniels 
  • Rukki Baillieu
  • Thomas Hunt

Best Playing Pony was Sinesis, played and owned by Rukki Baillieu

Previous days Results 

19 November

  • Ellerston White def Garangula 14 to 9
  • BPP: EOP Aurora Owned by: Ellerston Onassis Polo Played by: Rosendo Torreguitar

  • Ellerston Red def Larapinta 10 to 9
  • BPP: Campana Owned: Shane Finemore Played: Raul Laplacette

21 November

  • Garangula def Larapinta 11 to 10
  • BPP: Symphony Owned by: Guy Schwarzenbach Played by: Ollie Cork

22 November

  • Ellerston White def Ellerston 9 to 5 
  • Red BPP: EOP Ink Owned by: Ellerston Onassis Polo Played by: James Harper

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