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Notes on hiring a Professional Player

9 APR 2013
If you are hiring a professional player, these are the type of rates you can expect to pay. It should be noted that any of the amounts quoted below are indications only and that it is up to the person engaging a player to negotiate rates in each situation. 

Indicated Rates, per chukka
• 0 to 6 goal
7 goal - $300
6 goal - $300
5 goal- $275
4 goal - $250
3 goal - $200
2 goal - $150

• 7 to 10 goal
7 goal - $375
6 goal - $375
5 goal - $350
4 goal - $300
3 goal - $250
2 goal - $200

Obligations you can expect from a Professional
• A professional will disclose any other teams he is playing for that weekend when confirming a deal- if none disclosed the patron is entitled to assume he has the sole use of that player that weekend on his best horses and the player is not playing any other grade
• Once confirmed a player will not “jump teams” for a better offer
• Once confirmed a player may only do a second game deal with the agreement of the first patron
• A professional will turn up fully and properly mounted for the engagement.
• A professional will turn up to play on time and conduct himself professionally and properly and will at all times seek to bring credit on his team and to the sport
• A professional will try to play chukkas with his team in the week prior to the tournament and will generally try to assist the patron in any issues he has regarding his polo operation or set up
• A professional will provide umpiring duties and other functions as necessary to support tournaments and polo generally

Obligations you should observe when paying a Professional Player
• All rates are GST exclusive
• Rates are 66% of these rates per chukka if mounted by the patron
• Rates assume payment on the weekend of the game on invoice
• Rates above 10 goal are by negotiation
• Once a commitment is made a wash out weekend is to be paid at 50% of the agreed fee.
• If the first day is paid and other days are washed out then the other days are at 50%
• These arrangements do not apply to a professional polo player employed full time by a patron and playing for that patron