J K Mackay and Hector King Cancelled

On Tuesday, a briefing was held by the Office of Sport, which was attended by the Minister for Sport Natalie Ward.  There are unfortunately no updates or any indication of when or what a return to sport will look like.  They are waiting to see if regional restrictions are lifted on the 10th Sept and Greater Sydney 30th Sept.

It was discussed that a decision has not yet been made regarding vaccination and playing community sports however there is a very heavy push from the Office of Sport,  for sport to engage with their members and promote vaccination. 

With all of NSW in lockdown, a Board Meeting was held last week and the Directors made the decision to cancel the two NSWPA Spring tournaments  – the J K Mackay and Hector King.  Ellerston has also cancelled their Spring Tournament.

Please keep an eye on the website for any updates to the calendar.

I will continue to update you as soon as announcements are made and if you have any queries in the meantime, please call.

Kind regards

Shauna Laverty
Executive Assistant | NSW Polo Association

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