Countess of Dudley Cup 14g & Alec Macleod 8g - Results

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Countess of Dudley Cup Final -

Alec Macleod Final -

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Results Saturday 3rd April

14 goal
1pm Killarney defeated Scone 8-6
Best Playing Pony 'Mary' Played by Dirk Gould

Results Thursday 7 April
8 Goal

11am The Table Club defeated Foxton 9-7
Best Playing Pony 'Sonar' Played by Matt Grimes
12pm Pinnacle defeated Ellerston Black 7-3
Best Playing Pony 'Wickford Rocketman' Played by Jake Daniels
14 Goal
2pm Killarney defeated Larapinta 8 - 6
Best Playing Pony 'Charlotte' Played by Dirk Gould
3.30pm Ellerston Grey defeated Garangula Troika 8-5
Best Playing Pony 'EO Eris' Played by James Harper

Watch Game 1 -

The Table Club 9 defeated Foxton 7

Watch Game 2 -

Pinnacle 7 Defeated Ellerston Black 3

Results Friday 8 April
8 Goal
11am Glen Miln defeated Windsor 10 - 4
Best Playing Pony "Asset" (Fortune x Norman Pentaquad) Played by Black Grimes owned by the Grimes Family
12pm Kurri Burri defeated Arunga 5-4
Best Playing Pony "Carina" (Queenie x Pounce) Played by Sam Hopkinson, owned by Kurri Burri
14 Goal
2pm Scone defeated Garangula 9-8
Best Playing Pony 'Story' (Classic x Clarion) Played and owned by Will Gilmore
3.30pm Larapinta defeated Ellerston Grey 11-4
Best Playing Pony 'Chance' Played by Tom Hunt owned by Jemalong


Results Saturday 9 April
8 Goal
11am Kurri Burri defeated  Glen Miln 11-4
Best Playing Pony 'Darcy' Played by Dirk Gould
12pm The Table Club defeated Pinnacle Polo 6-2
Best Playing Pony 'Cream' Played by Cody Grimes owned by the Grimes family
2pm Ellerston Black defeated Foxton 7-3
Best Playing Pony 'Cigarillo' (Cuban x Mambo) Played by Will Gilmore owned by Ellerston
3pm  Arunga defeated Windsor 8-4
Best Playing Pony 'Caviar' Played by Tommy Martin owned by the Tolhurst family

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Results Finals Day Sunday 10th April

10am L.T. Watson Memorial Trophy Subsidiary Final 14g
Ellerston Grey defeated Scone 8.5 to 7
Best Playing Pony 'Harp' (Bonnie x Linx)  Played by Pilu O'Dwyer, bred and owned by Garangula
11.30am Subsidiary Final 8g
Ellerston Black defeated Arunga 5-2
Best Playing Pony 'Aurora' played by Will Gilmore, bred and owned by Ellerston
2pm Alec Macleod Trophy 8g Final 
Kurri Burri defeated The Table Club 7-6
Best Playing Pony 'Blossom'  (Bonnie x Linx) Played by Pilu O'Dwyer, bred and owned by Garangula

3pm Countess of Dudley Cup 14g 
Larapinta defeated Killarney 7-6

Winner Curtis Skene Trophy Most improved Cody Grimes
Lady de Chair Trophy for the Champion Pony 'Razelle' Played by Glen Gilmore
R W Farrell Trophy for the Champion Novice Pony 'Chess' Played by Tom Brodie, bred and owned by Alec White
Vychan Trophy for the Team of 3 ponies owned and played by a 2 goals and less Played and owned by Alex Zak 'Molly, Moet, Tiara'


Please note ANYONE attending Ellerston must take a RAT before being allowed to enter the property. 

The Countess of Dudley Cup Tournament 14 goal & Alec Macleod 8 goal
Tournaments will run 7th - 10th April 2022 at Ellerston


The Countess of Dudley Cup 14 goal Grade - 5 chukkas, 5 matches

Entry Fee: $6,500 plus gst
Fields: Hawkesbury Basin
Tournament Information - Adam Meally 0417 278 741

The Alec Macleod Trophy 8 goal Grade - 4 chukkas, 5 matches
Entry Fee: $4500 plus gst
Fields: Hawkesbury Basin

Tournament Information - Adam Meally 0417 278 741 
Nominations CLOSE 14 MARCH



Team & Player Eligibility

  1. Teams must play as a currently registered APF club.
  2. Teams must have qualified to play by 3 members of the team having played 2 APF carded tournaments for that club in the last 12 months (since the last Dudley Cup).
  3. Each team is allowed 1 “Marquee” player of any handicap who does not have to have played the qualifying tournaments and can be a member of any club. 
  4. Players must be rated 0 goals and above to play in the Dudley Cup. Any players wanting to enter the Dudley who are on -1 or -2 must play of 0 goals. 
  5. Teams must enter under club name and play in registered club colours. 
  6. Team entries will only be accepted upon payment of entry fee to NSWPA and entries will close Thursday 1 April.


Exemptions will only be given to a genuine club member who has not played enough games due to;

i)             injury

ii)            not having played polo in Australia (ie a genuine club member who has been overseas or who is having a short season).

 Qualifying tournaments

i)             A tournament must be listed on a State Polo Calendar or must be a tournament sanctioned by the NSWPA.

ii)            Each of the two tournaments must be played at different clubs, ie two weekends at one club only equals one tournament

iii)           NSWPA tournaments and tournaments held by Clubs, other than their annual

tournaments will count provided the team play as a genuine club team with the other three players being registered members of the Club.

iv)           If a team is entered in a tournament and that tournament is cancelled, it will count as a tournament.


The draw will be at the discretion of the NSWPA Tournaments Committee. All other rules will be in accordance with the Australian Rules of Polo.


No restrictions on the number or ownership. Ponies played by a competing team will not be allowed to play for any other team during the tournament except with the permission of the Tournament Committee.

Spectator Entry

Free entry - COVID rules apply


Annual decision by the NSWPA



Countess of Dudley Cup Teams

Countess of Dudley Cup Winners of Tournament

L.T. Watson Memorial Trophy Played between Losers of Semi-Finals

Sir J.J. Garvan Cup Played between first day losers



Lady de Chair Trophy Champion Pony

R.W. Farrell Trophy Champion Novice Pony

(A novice pony is a pony playing its first season of tournament polo, excluding inter-club

tournaments. The season being 1st October to 30th September)


Vychan Trophy: Team of three ponies owned and played by a player rated two or less.


Curtis Skene Trophy: Most improved player (no limit on handicap of player) based on

performance during the period Dudley Cup to Dudley Cup. Player must play at current Dudley Cup Tournament.


Alec Macleod Trophy: For winner of the 6 goal grade.



The definition of an Australian Player is that the player holds an Australian Passport or Australia has been their home for the last three years or more.


Tournament Committee: The committee reserve the right to amend the rules as necessary.  Committee - Sebastian Mariani, Jack Archibald, Adam Tolhurst, Adam Meally, Kim McDougall

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