Updated APF Discipline Regulations and Policy

Please see the below Important update, sent of behalf of the NSW Disciplinary Committee.


Please be aware the APF recently published the new APF Disciplinary Regulations and Procedures  – these regulations supersede all previous APF and NSW Disciplinary Regulations and all previous regulations are withdrawn.


The Regulations and Procedures can be found on both the APF and NSWPA websites and at the link APF-Disciplinary-Regulations---December-2023.pdf (nswpolo.com.au)


The Incident Report Form has also been updated to reflect and support the new procedure and available from the NSWPA website and at NSWPA-Disciplinary-Incident-Report-Form---Jan-2024-REV-A.pdf (nswpolo.com.au)


Additionally the APF has issued an update on Schedule 2 of the Rules relating to Red and Yellow Cards which is available at Red & Yellow Cards (nswpolo.com.au)



It is important that all clubs and committees running matches and tournaments, and umpires and referees officiating, make themselves aware of these Regs, in particular:


Section 2. Reporting of Misconduct and Conduct of Enquiries,

Section 3. Club Disciplinary Enquiry, and




In a quick summary:


  • The new regulations empower all Umpires and Tournament Committees to address serious incidents and misconduct immediately following the game in which they occur or as soon as reasonably possible, collect reports and any other info and videos etc, and witnesses’ information, and then hold a Club Enquiry. The Umpires job is hard enough as it is, so it is expected that the Tournament Committee thoroughly supports the Umpires in this reporting process.


  • The Club Enquiry should involve impartial officers or members of the club who will hear the Umpires reports, any witnesses, consider any other information and videos if available, and then hear the response of the party charged.


  • Upon the Club Enquiry being satisfied it has heard sufficient information to make their determination they may decide no further action is necessary, issue a warning to the party charged, or apply further penalty as per the Disciplinary Regs Schedule 1 Guidelines, and/or refer the matter for further review by the NSWPA Disciplinary Committee.


  • Notwithstanding the determination by the Club Enquiry, the Incident Report Form must be completed by the Umpires and the Tournament Committee with all available information relating to the incident, witness contacts etc., and sent to the NSWPA Secretary within 24 hrs so that the matter can as a minimum the NSWPA can record and track the matter, and review if any further consideration is necessary. (Section 4)


  • Beyond that the Regulations go on to enable the party charged to appeal the decision and how higher level tribunals may be conducted.



Both David Head and Stephen Philip, from the NSWPA Disciplinary Committee have worked tirelessly on updating the APF Disciplinary Regulations and Policy. On behalf of NSWPA President, Peter White and the NSWPA Directors, we would like to acknowledge and thank them for their time and efforts, updating the Regulations and Policy.

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