Updated Spring Calendar for the Hawkesbury

With the increased number of teams and players competing in the Hawkesbury Basin, there will be several changes to the play dates within the calendar. These changes have been made with the aim of:

  • Enhancing the player experience with more flexibility around the proposed play dates within a particular tournament,
  • Offering a more competitive level of polo with more choices for the players and
  • Reducing the wear & tear on polo fields & providing alternative dates in the event of foul weather

Introducing Extended Date Ranges for certain tournaments:

  • Tournament dates will be set from a Thursday to Sunday.
  • Play could be assigned to any day during this range.
  • This could occur when there are more than 4 teams or an uneven number of teams in the draw.  It is most likely to occur for the 4 - 12 Goal grades.
  • Teams will need to nominate their preferences/availability in advance to facilitate the planning of the play days with no last-minute surprises.
  • Nominations will be closing earlier to allow MPolo to capture player preferences.
  • Players making out of the ordinary requests need to do this at the time of nominating. Last minute requests won’t be accommodated.

Handicap Levels – to assist in planning your team, the 2024 Spring Season has been divided in two blocks of polo based on the handicap levels set.

  1.  The season kicks off in late August, with the A Grade set at 10 Goal before building up to 12 Goal for Kurri Burri, Countess of Dudley Cup & Hector King Trophy. All other grades will be 6, 0-2 & Subz.

  2.  When Ellerston is on, the Winten Cup will drop back to 4, 0 & Subz and then kick back up to 12, 6, 0-2 & Subz for the JK Mackay Trophy for the tail end of the season.

To view the updated Calendar please click HERE

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we gear up for another polo season in the Hawkesbury.

For further information, please contact: Adam Meally on 0417 278 741 or email mpolomanagement@gmail.com

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