Player Registrations 2022 Season

Dear Players 

The 2022 Player registrations are now open. If you registered last year, your details are the same and you should find it straightforward.  

If you have not previously registered in Gameday, you will need to follow the instructions below.

User names and passwords have not been carried over from the old system so you will need to create new ones. You will only need an email address and password. The password must include upper & lowercase letters, numbers and a special character (special character is ! or @ or # etc).
Please go into the website as usual and click on the club you wish to register for 2021. See link below in red.


After you have selected your club, you will see a page that has the club at the top and asks for your email and password.  Don't enter anything yet, select No Account yet - SIGN UP.  This is under the login button.

Sign up for a new account

Enter your details here - name and create a password.  You will then be emailed a confirmation email verifying your email account.  You are then able to start registering.

Page 1 - ‘Who would you like to register’
Select new participant - hit enter

Page 2 - ‘Basic information’
Fill in personal details, name, DOB, phone number, email address and membership type. Select the membership type you require.

Page 3 - ‘Select your products’.
Note the greyed out section lists the insurances included in the membership. You do not need to do anything here. Should you wish to take out further insurance, there are two options to upgrade. If you wish to select either of these, check the relevant box, if not press next.

Page 4 - ‘Just a few more details’
In this page please include emergency contacts and your own address details.
Tick the box to accept the APF terms and conditions.
Then Next

Page 5 - ‘Summary’
In the summary page you will see the fee’s broken down. These are not new fee's, they have always been there just not displayed before.  This covers your basic level of insurance.

Page 6 -‘Payment Page’
This will finalise your payment and registration. You will be emailed a receipt once finalised.

Please read carefully:

1. It is your responsibility to be registered BEFORE you take to the field for practices & tournaments. Zero Tolerance on this.
2. By registering you are agreeing to all APF Rules and Policies, eg Handicap, Discipline, Safety Testing, Anti-Doping and more. Read them here.
3. 2022 full membership expire 31st December 2022.
4. Juniors: You're a junior if you are under 19 on 1st Jan 2022.
5. Insurance: Membership includes public liability insurance, basic personal accident insurance & NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance for serious injuries/death.

Thank you for registering & I wish you a great year of polo ahead.


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